Actions to Fulfill your Promises to Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families

​On August 26, 2014 The White House outlined new executive actions demonstrating the President’s commitment to expand services and opportunities for those who sacrifice so much to serve our country: our Servicemembers, Veterans and their families. This is a call for action to Banks and Mortgage Servicers to help by:

  • Proactively identify active duty personnel no less than once a quarter by querying the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC), a searchable database of individuals who were or on Title 10 active duty status, against their loan portfolio, reducing the burden on the service member.
  • Proactively reach out to individuals that have been identified as being eligible for benefits under SCRA to notify them of their benefits. Servicers will leverage multiple marketing and communication tactics including telephone, mail, e-mail, or other reasonable forms of communication.
  • Simplify the Process and ease the burden of enrollment and satisfaction of the SCRA written notice requirement.​uct Development.
Help On the Home Front

Scrub your portfolio every 90 days to identify Servicemembers

Log in to your organizations Dashboard to view and perform the following:

  • Upload your file directly and securely to the QSO site quarterly
  • Generate Documents
  • Generate Notifications
  • Run Reports
  • View Statistics
  • Proactive Portfolio Management


Quandis Servicemember Outreach

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The Quandis Difference

Utilize Quandis to proactively scrub your portfolio to identify Servicemembers. We have a proven solution now that is engineered with years of experience.

  • Dashboards and Reporting for each status, search activity and history along with the ability to generate docs, reach out to your borrowers via email and track your outreach program and responses.
  • Easily upload your own portfolio files via MS Excel or Text and we have standard formats for each. We will perform data validation and normalization for you.
  • Results include a PDF of the Certificate that includes an overlay with your Account or Loan Number.
  • We offer a robust data scrub that includes name permutation. This unique feature will demonstrate that you have made every attempt to identify if an individual is Active Military. It addresses those individuals with compound, hyphenated or last names which include suffix. Quandis will perform these last name permutations for you. We can also implement your specific permutation logic if your organization has special requirements.
  • Manage all your correspondents, generate letters and directly integrate to your imaging system.